Contribution Check-list

Here’s a handy check-list for you to print out and use to keep track of where you are in terms of your contribution, helping you to keep things in order and to make sure you have not missed out any steps. Find more details about the bold steps on the main page here.
Note that items marked * are not available to “Author” level.

1. Getting Started

Print out CheckList. Check this item off. You’re underway!
Check the Author Agreement
* Watch Webinar 1 – Choosing Your Topic
Choose Your Topic

2. Creating your Chapter

* Watch Webinar 2 – First Draft
Storyboard Chapter
Write first draft – do not worry about editing!
Celebrate completion of first draft.
Read The Chapter Style Guide
Use The Chapter Template
* Watch Webinar 3 – Polishing Your Chapter
Review Your Chapter, rewrite and restructure as needed.
Ask friends to proof-read and comment
Repeat previous two steps as often as necessary
Final checks, 6,000 word limit, spelling, layout
Check all Style Guide elements have been followed.
Celebrate completion of final version!

3. Submitting your Chapter

Submitting Your Chapter
Submitting Your Biography
Submitting Your Photo
Submitting Your Further Reading
Submitting Your Acknowledgements

4. The Launch and Beyond

The Launch
* Watch Webinar 4 – Publicising
Draw up plan for maximising use of the Book for your marketing.
* Watch Bonus Webinar – Getting into Media
Draw up plan for implementing your own media strategy
Get into the media as much as you need!

Other Things To Consider…

Check Your Affiliate Dashboard
Book Your Coaching Call(s) when you need a little help.
Consider Contributing To The Winning Blog
Consider Joining The Winning Coach Directory (Free entry *)