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  • [simple_tooltip content=’Coming Soon’]Bonus Webinar – Getting into Media[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Coming Soon’]Chapter Style Guide[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Coming Soon’]Chapter Template[/simple_tooltip]
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Hello and welcome to Success Secrets! I am really pleased to have you with us in this project, we’ve got a nice mix of contributors which is going to make for another excellent book.

I have no doubt you are eager to dive in and get started, so here’s a few tips for making the most of the resources here and for making your contribution as simple as possible.Winning in Life and Work : Success Secrets

On the left you should see a menu of all the information and resources available to you as a contributor to this book. These include –

  • Your webinars
  • Templates and style guide for your chapter
  • Additional information we need, including references, further reading, etc
  • Your personalised copy of the Author Agreement
  • Over time, additional information as we move through the project including details of the launch and what you need to do
  • A form for booking your coaching call(s) (number of calls depends upon your category – you have %%DAPCUSTOMFIELD_coachingcalls%% left.)
  • and more including a special previously unannounced free bonus webinar around the topic of getting media coverage for you (and your book) – my gift to you as a thank you for being part of this project.

There’s also a handy Check List which you can print out and use to keep track of where you are, and to make sure you don’t overlook anything.
I suggest you go do that right now, before you do anything else!