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New Beginnings book stackThank you once again for being a valued contributor to New Beginnings – without you the book would have not been the international best-selling success it has turned into.

Here you will find your link to enable you to buy additional copies of your book at cost-price – we get discounts for buying in bulk, and those are reflected in the options you’ll find available to you. Remember, these are yours to do with as you will – sell them, bundle them with your packages, offer them as bonuses, give them away at talks; use them however best serves to boost your expert credibility!
All that I ask is that you do not let others know the price you pay for them, that’s commercially confidential.

As you took part in New Beginnings, you are automatically enrolled to be an affiliate for the next volume (should you wish so to do) – you will earn 10% of every sign-up which arises from your recommendation. If you are interested, check the Affiliate link in the sidebar.

And while you are here, have a look at two other things you are invited to join for being with me from the start, namely the Winning Blog and the Winning Coach Directory.

Have fun, and keep on Winning!