Forward Through Forgiveness

Welcome to the Forward Through Forgiveness program which is designed to help you to let go of people, places, things and emotions from the past which are holding you back, so that you can move on refreshed and unencumbered by the emotional baggage of the past.

So often we can end up clinging to times where we may have been wronged in the past, keeping ourselves energetically tied with past relationships, which stops us from focusing on the present and our relationships and situations in the here and now.

This process enables you to let go of the past by forgiving and thus cutting those emotional ties to the baggage of the past – a very powerful and liberating experience!

How To Use The Process

  1. Set aside about 40 minutes in total for the process, to give you enough time to complete it and to reflect a moment afterwards
  2. Find a place where you can safely relax with your eyes closed – please do not use this whilst driving or operating machinery! Seriously, just don’t!
  3. When you are ready, just play the track below, sit back, relax, close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided easily through the entire process.

Overview of The Process

  1. Close your eyes and relax.
  2. You’ll rise up, and then construct a stadium down below, in your mind’s eye
  3. You’ll gradually bring different groups to the stadium and ask if they support you
    • If they don’t, keep them there;
    • If they do, you can keep them there so as to cut the energetic ties (knowing you will easily reconnect again free from the baggage of the past), or let them go – personally I always have them stay.
  4. Once everyone has been brought, you’ll forgive them and ask them for forgiveness (really, of course, you are just forgiving a part of yourself)
  5. You’ll cut the energetic ties between you and them, allowing them to float away, knowing you can effortlessly reconnect simply by thinking of them again.
  6. You’ll go through a short process to clear any remaining ties
  7. Come back down into your body, the room, and now.

When to Use The Process

As often as you like! Some use it once only, some use it monthly, others weekly, yet others use it any time they feel weighed down. Use it as and when feels right for you.

The Process

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