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Can You Really Be A Bestselling Author?
Join Me In A New (Bestselling?) Book!
Get Published. With Me. The Easy Way!
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Hi **FirstName**

You are an expert in your field.

You have tremendous expertise and knowledge which the world is crying out to access, if only they knew and could find you.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

One of the best ways to establish and boost your expert status and get your name “out there” is to become a published author. Not just an ebook (as everyone seems to be creating these days), but a real physical book.

When you have a physical, published book out there which people can see, touch, read and buy, it allows you to share your ideas, message and experience with the world. These days, more than ever before, being a published author is a very powerful key which opens doors for you like no other media can. In these days where the world and its dog are publishing eBooks, a physical book stands you and your message head and shoulders above the masses, establishing you as the expert and gaining you tremendous credibility. Not to mention looking good on your own book shelf!

The problem is that conventional wisdom says that it takes a lot of time and money to make it into print, not to mention a lot of hard work – indeed, I heard of someone who spent over $50,000 getting their first book published.

However, now is your opportunity to become a published author for a fraction of the normal costs and time traditionally involved! And to have a very real chance of the book becoming a Best Seller!

Having already successfully co-authored THREE best-selling books, my good friend Keith Blakemore-Noble is looking for a select few experts, like you, to join him (and me!) in his next book.

Titled Winning In Life And Work : Success Secrets (the third in the international best-selling Winning In Life And Work series), this book gathers together experts from a wide range of fields to share their expert insights into what it takes to achieve success, be it entering a relationship, life after a relationship, changing career, setting up in a new country; whatever Success may mean to you, this is your unique opportunity to contribute YOUR expertise and insights and to share them with an international audience.

Not only that, but Keith has also got a special guest author in the form of Olympic athlete and highly successful business woman and speaker, Annette Lynch (formerly Annette Huygens-Tholen), who certainly knows a thing or two about success! She will be contributing her own chapter to the book.

As soon as Keith shared this exciting project with me I knew I had to jump on board immediately so I am contributing my own chapter, and I’d love to see your chapter joining us!

You will be guided through the entire process, from selecting your topic, creating your first draft chapter, polishing editing and revising your finished chapter, formatting your chapter, and beyond. And you get to help us to make your book a best-seller; there are no guarantees, but we will be using the same proven strategies which worked so successfully with the previous books in the series, so we stand a very good chance of hitting Best Seller status. And even if we don’t, you will have a physical book of which you are part, which you can share with others and which will establish your credibility as an acknowledged expert in your field. All for a fraction of the cost, time and effort traditionally associated with writing a book.

There has never been a better time or opportunity to get yourself into print in a professionally produced physical paperback (which will also be available electronically, naturally).

Go to the [wilaw_aff aff=”%%USER_ID%%”] , select your preferred option, and join NOW!

Remember, there are only a limited number of chapters available, and they are filling up fast, so you are going to want to get involved right now before it is too late.

“As a professional speaker I have always known the importance of a book to position me as an expert. Although the thought of stepping into the unknown world of book development and promotion was at the very least terrifying. Partnering with Keith put me in the hands of a world leading expert. Not only did he support and guide me through the process associated with the book, I also learnt so much more. Strategies and ideas that will fast track other parts of my business. There is many people offering to publish books for you but if you want the “real deal”, then there is no one else you should be turning to except Keith. And the proof of his skills . I am now an international best selling author. SIMPLE AS THAT !!!!”
– Ian Crawford, Australia, Candor Training and Consultancy, speaking about his involvement with Best Selling book Winning In Life And Work : New Beginnings

Go to [wilaw_aff aff=”%%USER_ID%%”] , select your preferred option, and join NOW!

I look forward to joining you in this fantastic new book and hitting best seller status together.

Here’s to a successful book,

PS There are different options available, some of which include your photo and name on the front cover.
PPS You will want to rush, because once all the spaces are filled, the offer closes.
PPS Go to [wilaw_aff aff=”%%USER_ID%%”] , select your preferred option, and join NOW!


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