Affiliate Toolkit

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Here you will find your affiliate links, banners, images and email templates (where applicable) for the products for which you are an affiliate.

  • Your affiliate link is your own personal link which you give out to other people. When they click the link and then sign up and pay from that page, you will earn commission based on their payment.
  • Where there are sample images, these may be freely used to help you to promote the product – please download the images and use them on your webserver or directly in your email, please do NOT link to them on here (otherwise our web server will become exhausted serving them to so many people that it will need to go for a lie down and will refuse to work until it feels better…)
  • Where relevant or possible, we’ve provided some sample emails which you can use to send out – your affiliate link is already included in the email, so all you need to do is copy and paste the text into your email client and send it – you are of course more than welcome to customise the emails as well!
  • Where there are sample emails, we’ve also included some suggested email subject lines. Feel free to pick one of these, or choose your own if you prefer.

The menu on your left will take you directly to the affiliate sections for the products for which you are an affiliate.