Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Pay In Full £200 £300 £400 £500
Monthly Payment Plan 2 x £120 2 x £180 2 x £240 3 x £200
Paperback bookAvailable via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, all major online bookstores, and to order by all physical book stores.
eBook.Available on Kindle, iBook Store, Nook, Kobo and more.
Legal Deposit copies handledCertain UK libraries are legally entitled to free copies, these are handled for you.
ISBN assignedAll published books and eBooks require their own ISBN, we supply and assign these for you.
Author dedicated purchase linkYour own link to enable you to buy unlimited copies of your book at a special author-only price for you to resell or give away.
Royalty payments.Receive royalty payments on all copies of books sold (except those you buy through your author link, of course!). Exact royalty depends upon book price, where it is sold, etc.
Royalty level.% of royalty payment which you receive per book sold. 50% 100% 100% 100%
Promotional images2D and 3D images of your book before it is produced, for you to use in promotion, advertising and launch materials.
Amazon Author ProfileYour own dedicated Author profile set up for you on Amazon Central, both on UK and US/World sites. Great for boosting your author credentials.
Goodreads Author ProfileYour own author profile created on GoodReads (a popular book-related website).
Be Your Change author profileYour own author profile and book profile created for you on the Be Your Change publisher site, showcasing you and your book.
Book domainDomain name registered for your book for 12 months ( or .com, others available at extra cost. Can optionally renew each 12 months)
Book websiteWebsite created for you and tour book at your book domain, maintained for 12 months, can be renewed or transferred to you after 12 months. Own access to create and maintain blog on the site.

Price and Royalty Example

There is flexibility in the final price of the book, which in turn determines the level of royalties you receive. Subject to a minimum (to cover costs), you can se the price of the book to pretty much anything you like – the higher the price, the greater your royalties, but the lower the likely number of sales.

For our example, let’s assume a standard 150 page A5 book, black&white, no pictures or images inside, colour glossy-finish cover, and we’ll pick a retail price of £9.99.

Retail Price – £9.99
This is the price on the cover, and the price at which most retail bookstores will sell the book.

Wholesale Price – £4.99
This is the price the book stores will pay for the book. Typically it is 50% of the retail price (the money they make per sale goes to covering their own costs and generating a profit).

Production Cost – £2.58
This is how much the book costs to physically produce

Your Royalty – £2.41 (£1.20 for Bronze level)
This is the money you make per book sold through wholesale/retail channels

Author Price – £2.58 plus shipping and handling (£6.25 for Bronze level)
This is the price you as an author can buy the book yourself. You receive no royalties on these sales, instead you receive the discounted price.

eBook is a little more complicated, but these figures above serve as a good illustration for paperback books.