Be Your Change™ is the brainchild of Keith Blakemore-Noble and is all designed around the principle that when you change your mind, you change your life. And yes, change is ALWAYS possible!

Having faced his own problems for far too many years, including crippling shyness, Keith studied (and continues to study) the cutting-edge neurosciences and was able to rapidly conquer his own “stuff” so completely that he felt like a new person.

He now uses these same proven techniques in his unique custom blend to help others, be it to overcome their own confidence issues, to conquer phobias, or for any other aspects in their life where they want to effect change but don’t know how.

Closely aligned with this, he also draws together international experts to share their own life lessons so that we can learn from them to get us winning in life and work.

He also uses many of these same skills to bring laughs and entertainment to audiences large and small through hypnotic shows on stage, in the home, and even on the street!